Several Possible Scenarios for The Future

 What type of society do we want to leave to our children and grand-children ?

As people become aware or grow more used to the notion that they are living in a society going through a rupture with the past, they will discover that they also possess an unique opportunity to change their individual and collective futures.

According to whether they place GDP, GNH (Gross National Happiness) or GGP (Gross Green Product, based on the use of natural ressources) at the center of their thinking, their society may become more focused on consumption, democracy, or on ecological conservation.

A single unique model does not exist, but there are several new or emerging initiatives inspired by various cultures and contexts. Thus, there are several scenarios available for us to consider. Do we want a strong and controlling state, a society wherein the citizen's participation is a defining characteristic, or a paradise for consumers ?

What choices will we make ?

Postindustriel 14
(scenario 1)

The mechanisms of state security

Postindustriel 15
(scenario 2)

The mechanisms of a Consumer Society

Postindustriel 16

(scenario 3)

The Participatory State

Postindustriel 17
(scenario 4)

The mechanisms of a green society




What do YOU think ?

What's your personal vision ?

Get together with your friends, discuss these issues,
… and send your thoughts, ideas and suggestions (in the form of as picture or diagram)
… and read (and comment on) the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of others

Alone, we are without power!
In networks, we can change things.
Be part of the solution.

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