The events behind the current mutations

Three diagrams that synthesize the issues and causes of the current transformations


We need to better identify the transition taking us from an industrial to a post-industrial society if we want to make effective use of the tools that can help us better manage the new complexity.

Here are one hundred events which define the turbulent period we have experienced from 1980 to 2009. In this 30-year period we have watched the societal rupture that we are currently living through develop from a range of causative factors. The list of events is accompanied by a list of one hundred researchers and authors who are the witnesses to these events and whom we have cited in this document.

We can better understand the changes we are seeing and feeling if we analyze the activities through three filters : a technological dimension, an economic dimension and a societal dimension.


Postindustrial 4 :

A Synthesis of the technological dimension

Postindustrial 5 :

A synthesis of the economical dimension

Postindustrial 6 :

A synthesis of the social dimension



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