Internet 2

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New Internet, Web 2.0

The Ideas


This document was conceived from a foundation built on four key ideas:

Several Possible Scenarios for The Future

 What type of society do we want to leave to our children and grand-children ?

As people become aware or grow more used to the notion that they are living in a society going through a rupture with the past, they will discover that they also possess an unique opportunity to change their individual and collective futures.

The events behind the current mutations

Three diagrams that synthesize the issues and causes of the current transformations


We need to better identify the transition taking us from an industrial to a post-industrial society if we want to make effective use of the tools that can help us better manage the new complexity.

Tools for Governance

''The purpose of the game is not really to predict the future, but to discover the issues you need to be thinking about.'' War Game simulation POLITICO, Fort Meade, 4-5 march 2009.


The Culture ?

Culture will be the key element for
all future revolutions of thought and knowledge


The culture of a society is the reflection of the peoples' will, which is built into its territory, stemming from its history, and based on a time and space.

A Rupture With The Past

This is the end of the world as we’ve known it.
But it isn’t the end of the world

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